The medical doctor could not prescribe marijuana

After medical cannabis was legalized in this state, I wanted to talk to my doctor about getting a prescription… I entirely did not believe how to approach the subject with the doctor; One day I was describing all of the pain that I have in my knees & I told the doctor that I study some studies online that said medical cannabis products could help with chronic pain.

The doctor told myself and others a couple of things that she knew about medical cannabis, but she said that she was not an expert & would be unable to help myself and others in that department, and she did, however, supply myself and others the name of a doctor that she believed was licensed to prescribe medical cannabis products.

I called the doctor as soon as I left the office. The doctor did not have an appointment for 3 weeks. That was a pretty fantastic sign to me. If her office is busy, then she entirely can get people their medical marijuana card. If her methods did not work, then her office would not be busy. I made an appointment for a couple of weeks later. I took the first available spot which was a Wednesday day at 7:30 a.m. I excitedly waited to meet with the doctor, hoping that she would be able to prescribe medical cannabis to me. The doctor was an older man; She asked myself and others 30 or 40 unusual questions about my medical history. She never asked myself and others about medical marijuana even once, but at the end of the appointment, I asked the doctor if she would be able to supply myself and others a prescription for medical cannabis. She laughed & told myself and others that is the medical office next door.


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