The new cannabis flower is 40% or higher

I’m really happy with the new cannabis flower that I bought from the dispensary.

It was quite high priced and a product that I would never spend that much money to buy.

The 8th of Indica flower was $60. The 8th of flower was grown indoors and then covered with cannabis concentrate to make it a whopping 40% THC or higher. I’ve only ever seen that type of THC percentage in infused pre-rolls. To see it in flower was really something awesome. As soon as I saw the expensive top shelf flower product, I wanted to buy it. I asked the bartender if she could give me a discount on the product. She asked if I was a first-time patient and I was not. She asked if I was a senior or military and I was neither of those either. I did not qualify for any discounts on that day. If I waited a couple of days until friday, then I could get the flower on sale for 20% off on flower friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t know if the infused flower would still be in stock by then and I didn’t want to be the only person in town that didn’t get a chance to try it before it was completely gone forever. As soon as I got home with a product, I ground up some of it and put it in a bowl. The flavor of the marijuana was very tart and tangy like lemons and limes. It had a very earthy taste and floral scent. It was inviting and calming and the weed made me feel great. I wasn’t disappointed by the 45% infused flower.

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