The program will get myself and others free marijuana once a week

Medical marijuana isn’texactly cheap.

It is 1 of the most expensive medications that insurance will not spend money for. There are millions of Americans that use medical marijuana everyday. There are more than 2 programs that can help individuals get low-cost medication if they cannot afford it on their own, my partner and I looked for 1 of these programs when she became disabled. I was the only person laboring and both of us could not afford her medical marijuana supplies, but every one of us found a program that offers free medical marijuana supplies to patients that have a medical card and a history of abuse. The program was perfect for both of us and both of us acquire free marijuana every week. The marijuana is delivered by mail and a brown package that is nondescript; None of my neighbors believe that I am using medical marijuana, even though it arrives in the mail. The delivery system is a good way for my partner to acquire the medicine that she needs, without having to leave the house. Since she has become disabled, it is very difficult for her to leave the house. Every time she has to get into the car, both of us have to bring her wheelchair and the ramp and all of the other items that both of us might need while both of us are outside. It really can be quite taxing, so it’s nice to have free marijuana delivery 1 time each week. They send her a lot of odd items. Last year they sent my partner a vape cartridge and a battery and the week before that, they sent her an ounce of sunroom flower; You never believe what might come in the Box.



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