The river rose higher by the second

I’ve never been boating on a river being controlled by 2 separate dams! During the day the river is at a low level and later in the day, the river is flooded by the 2 dams to allow more water into the valley. I recently moved to this section so I have been learning a lot about the way that the dams task together. I like to go fishing and I have a small boat. I have gone fishing from the docks and also from the side of the river and I have had some pretty wonderful luck. I have managed to nab a couple of bass, trout, and perch. I got a striped bass that was almost 8 lb. It was absolutely one of the biggest fish that I have ever nabbed with the small pole that I was using, but my up-to-date friend Max proposed both of us go to the river on Tuesday to hang out and fish. I mentioned the fact that I have a boat and Max wanted me to bring the boat so both of us could navigate the river. I told Max that I did not think much about navigating the river with the dams and they said everything would be just fine. Max brought recreational marijuana, then we smoked recreational marijuana the whole time both of us were on the boat and I am not used to the way that it makes me feel. I got higher than I should have been to operate the boat… The effects from smoking recreational marijuana took me by surprise and so did the river. I was legitimately stressed when the river was getting higher and higher by the minute.

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