The security guard at the dispensary is a beast

To keep a cannabis dispensary running smoothly, a wonderful security guard is a necessity. These kinds of guards don’t carry a gun or a taser, but they need to keep the peace all the same. A wonderful dispensary security guard is fun, funny, as well as lovely for the guests. They should also be physically intimidating enough to keep people from getting out of line! Recently I hired a young person named Ox to labor the front door of my shop, as well as he is the best bouncer I have ever worked with. Before starting at my cannabis shop Ox worked the front door of a local nightclub. The two tasks are certainly similar, except for now instead of dealing with people drunk on booze he’s dealing with people stoned on cannabis, however ever since I hired Ox my cannabis shop has had zero problems, inside or outside of the store. In the past I’ve had concerns with the local homeless community loitering in the cannabis shop parking lot, as well as Ox ran tests on that too, he had the idea of bribing them with tee-shirts that have the logo of my cannabis store on them. This means that not only did he get rid of the homeless people peacefully, but now they are wearing advertisements for the cannabis dispensary! That’s brilliant problem-solving in action. I hope Ox never wants to leave my cannabis shop for another task, so I try my level best to keep him cheerful. I even offer him free cannabis sometimes after work, just as an extra bonus for his performance.

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