The ten dollar eighths were only 15% THC

I have been using recreational marijuana for a couple of months.

I don’t have a high tolerance for the plant, so I get high with the smallest amount of marijuana. I don’t even need something that is high in thc. My friends are always concerned about the amount of THC in the marijuana flower, but it really doesn’t matter to me. When Jack and I went to The Dispensary together last week, he asked the bud tender about the top shelf flower products that were over 30% thc. I usually buy the $10 eighth of marijuana. They were only 15% thc. The top shelf flower product that Jack picked out was 35% thc. I quickly realized why I was getting a cheaper product for a cheaper price. I noticed a huge difference when I smoked a bowl with jack. The marijuana product that he picked out was much more potent than the one that I picked. I couldn’t even finish a joint with jack. My eyes were red and irritated after smoking all of that weed. I don’t know how my best friend smokes that marijuana every single day and still manages to get his work done. I wouldn’t be able to function at all if I smoked the same amount of marijuana that Jack does. I’ve seen the guy tackle a whole Ace of marijuana in one sitting. He is happy to smoke joint after joint, just like it was cigarettes in a pack. Unfortunately, 20 joints is going to cost a lot more money than 20 cigarettes. Marijuana is an expensive habit when you smoke like that.



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