The things you can’t do at a dispensary

A lot of people don’t realize that a cannabis dispensary has quite a bit of laws attached to it.

First, a lot of people think you can buy what you want. It isn’t like a retail store or a grocery store. You have limits on what you can buy. The cannabis dispensary scans your license and your purchases are tracked through that. So it isn’t like you can go cannabis dispensary hopping in order to get a lot more cannabis products. Another common misconception is that you can get free samples at the cannabis dispensary. It isn’t a deli or a cheese store. You don’t get to test out the product. The only time you can consume cannabis on the premises is through a smoker’s lounge or a dab bar. You need to purchase the product first too. There are no handouts at cannabis dispensaries. A friend of mine tried riding her bike to the cannabis dispensary and leaving with her products then. Most people look the other way on this but her cannabis dispensary enforces the rule that the products need to be in a locked trunk. You can’t just stuff weed in your pocket and be on your way. My friend wasn’t allowed to carry the cannabis in her bike basket. She had to drive back in her vehicle and lock it away properly. That is the law when it comes to carrying cannabis products. Most people think the world of marijuana is more lax than it is. It is a very regulated business.
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