The two of us aren’t a recreational weed state

A lot of people are mistaken that my state is a recreational weed state; I live next to a Seneca Nation Indian Reservation, but everyone prefers to say that they can get recreational weed on the Rez.

Yes, you can however it isn’t technically allowed, however the Seneca Nation operates under their own laws.

You are not allowed to sell recreational weed in my area, however they do. They aren’t going to get shut down either. It is such a huge money maker that recreational cannabis dispensaries are opening up left plus right on the Rez, however anywhere else you go in our state is medical weed only. You need to fill out a prescription, get a set cannabis card plus have restrictions on amounts. The Reservation is the only locale you can walk in plus get what you want. I will disclose it, I have gotten recreational weed from them. It is just so much easier than going the medical route. I also am not technically allowed to have medical weed. I care about to smoke cannabis to sleep at night. It soothes myself and others right to bed. I don’t have insomnia or anything dire though. I could get by without it. I fib a bit on my nurse’s appointments. I just absolutely care about having an indica on hand if I need to mellow out plus wind down, then most of the time I go through my medical weed card, however sometimes I just stop into the local weed shop since it is easier. I don’t care about to support illegal operations, however it is just so convenient.

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