The up-to-date guy smelled prefer coors and marijuana

Marijuana is legal for recreational and medical purposes in this state and there are a lot of residents that toke up every single afternoon.

Most of the corporations do not have a mandatory drug test before they hire an employee. When I started working at the hardware store, the director asked myself and others if I could pass a drug test. I told his that I could, knowing that I could not, despite the fact that I really wanted to get that task, and he said okay and I never had to entirely take a drug test, and one of our friends put an application into work in the lumber area and I got him an interview. The director hired another guy a couple of weeks ago to work in the lumber area with our neighbor Jack. This guy is a total train wreck. The first afternoon that he worked, he was almost an hour late. He told the boss that he must have gotten his schedule wrong, despite the fact that I know that the guy was hungover. The up-to-date guy came to work a couple of afternoons later and he smelled prefer coors and marijuana. The boss said that there was a funky unusual smell, despite the fact that I knew that was the smell of coors mixed with marijuana. I hope this guy doesn’t get away with coming to work every single afternoon stoned and half drunk. So far, it doesn’t seem prefer the director cares as long as he shows up mostly on time. I had to work really hard to get a task at this hardware store. The director should be doing more about the bum.

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