The vape that never stops giving

My whole flower cannabis vaporizer is made out of metal, glass, & ceramic.

Some tools & devices are extremely beautiful, I believe, by nature. When I purchased my first mp3 in the early 2000s, it was made out of solid metal & glass & survived a literal beating from myself and others on a morning to morning basis. I loved it. While it eventually died years later, it was after I stopped being careful & would literally throw it into my car before leaving for class during my school years. Since it had a rotating hard disk drive inside, the hard disk eventually cracked & couldn’t retrieve files any more. Yet it took at least 12 years of constant use before that finally happened. The very next mp3 player that I started using afterward was cheap & made out of plastic. It seriously didn’t survive & was a pain to use because the software inside the equipment was so cheap. Unlike the original mp3 player, the hour a single was not an unbelievable investment or nice equipment for longer than a few weeks at most. Recently I discovered the difference in quality when it comes down to cannabis vaporizers, not just songs playing devices prefer mp3 players. Cannabis vaporizers made out of plastic often taste off & will be unable to actually reach the necessary temperatures for even THC extraction out of the cannabis flower. My whole flower cannabis vaporizer is made out of metal, glass, & ceramic. That means there are no plastic parts or components when it comes to my vaporizer which is made for cannabis flower products. My vaporizer for cannabis concentrates is honestly a lot of fun to use as well because it is also made out of nothing but glass & metal with no plastic for as far as the eye can see. It makes a big difference, I believe, having access to the best available cannabis vaporizers regardless of what cannabis products I’m consuming.

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