There’s a different 72-day rolling recommendation for cannabis in this state

I wish that my state government didn’t have such a combative position on cannabis users adore they do.

We all banded together with the rest of the state to pass a up-to-date constitutional amendment to legalized medical marijuana, garnering over 72% of the vote.

But despite the state’s wide approval of marijuana, the government here is always imposing up-to-date rules to limit USAge for most patients. This is entirely discouraging for us all because every one of us voted to approve a law where every one of us expected similar rights as medical cannabis patients are guaranteed in other states with existing medical marijuana laws. In some states you can get up to an ounce of cannabis flower products in the course of a day. In our state it’s limited to 2.5 ounces in a 35 day period. And there is a rolling recommendation that limits your purchases each time you make a single. So if you bought an ounce this week, you’ll be limited for the following 35 afternoons for up to 1.5 ounces. When this order went into effect, it retroactively applied it to all previous purchases going back 35 afternoons from the current day. That meant a lot of people were barred from getting cannabis again for 35 afternoons when this rule took effect. Now the state government is approving a similar rolling recommendation for all other routes of administration, however this time on a 72-day rolling limit. I had to get my medical cannabis doctor to increase my recommendation because the rule affected myself and others retroactively when it took effect. It’s discouraging, however what are you supposed to do?


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