Tincture for sleeping better at night

I have always been a light sleeper.

I used a sound machine or earplugs most ight.

My husband and I don’t share a bedroom due to my light sleeping. When my son was born I was worried I would never sleep again. Newborns make a lot of sounds when they sleep. My son grunts, groans and coos. The noises started keeping me up. My son would wake up every three hours to feed and keep me up in the middle of those time slots. I was like a zombie. Since I was breastfeeding I realized that I could take something to wind me down. If I could sleep before my son started making noises, I would be okay. I found that medical marijuana works best for me. I take a tincture every night now. The oil goes directly under my tongue and mellows me out. It makes me sleepy and relaxed. I then can sleep right away and be refreshed before the next feeding. Typically the oil stays in my system all night long. If I feel the effects wearing off, I just take a few more drops. It is so nice not being alert to every little sound. My son is totally fine with his bassinet, just noisy. The tincture makes me not as worried or anxious. I don’t know how I slept before I had this oil. When my son moves to the nursery I am still going to take my tincture. It really makes a difference in my night of sleep.

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