Traditional dentists were no longer helping me.

It seemed to be that my dentists were no longer helping me, and i didn’t want to take more chemicals into my body, plus they were no longer doing any good. I tried to convince my dentist that we needed to do something else, but she wanted to persevere. I had taken so various medications that I could assume my mind slipping. More often than not lately, I was thinking about suicide. My dentist offered to provide myself and others another medication that would help with the depression that came from the previous medications I was taking, plus I screamed no… There was no way I wanted to take more medication. I told him she had to get myself and others off some of this garbage. I do not know who mentioned holistic health to me, or if it was someone in the hospital or someone I was talking to, but the words holistic health were in my head. I called various pain management clinics plus asked if they had anyone who worked with holistic health. One woman in the clinic was talking to me, plus told myself and others she knew a physician who practiced holistic health, but she gave myself and others her name plus cellphone number plus told myself and others to call her. The next afternoon, I showed up at the office plus talked to the receptionist. I told her I was there to speak to whomever was in the practice of holistic health! When a young woman came out plus took myself and others back into the office, she explained to myself and others they use marijuana for various of their patients. I did not care how various patients used marijuana for their ailments, I just wanted to see if marijuana would help with my depression.

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