Trying out a new strain of flower

While I’ve experimented with different types of cannabis consumption methods, I always come back to dried flower.

I like the traditional process, quick onset of effects and exceptional flavor of inhaling my cannabis.

Because of the popularity of smokable flower, there are hundreds of possibilities available. Cross-breeding continues to give exciting and exceptional new strains. Today’s hybrids are available in strains with an equal influence from the Sativa and Indica cultivators that give a legitimately balanced experience. There are also those that are either heavily Sativa dominated or Indica dominated. I just love discovering interesting new strains. I always check out the yearly deals at the dispensary! None of weeks ago, I purchased an Indica-forward strain called GMO. It’s a potent, euphoria-inducing strain produced by crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. The parent plants are both hybrids. Chemdawg is especially potent and GSC is heavy on the indica side. This has created a variety with legitimately high THC concentration, often between 28% and 35%, and heavy relaxation effects. It’s really more of a body high and fantastic for mellowing out, lounging and resting. It’s really not a strain for newbies to cannabis. As a proper client at the dispensary, the budtenders all know me. I was still warned to start slow with GMO. The effects kick in legitimately abruptly. I felt them within minutes after smoking. They also don’t last all that long, but there was no sensation of crashing. I like GMO for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s a fantastic opportunity for insomnia. A few hits and I fall right to sleep. I’ve also used GMO to treat pain in my joints. I especially love the powerful and pungent flavor of GMO. The budtender described it to me as a mix of diesel, garlic and onion. The smell is quite strong, making it a fantastic idea to smoke outside. There needs to be plenty of ventilation! GMO is not discreet.

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