Trying to repair the SEO damage

I labor for an SEO corporation and we handle a range of purchasers, then i had one client that just opened up a cannabis dispensary and wanted the whole search engine optimization package.

I got her a fully optimized website, used SEO strategies to help it rank on google, posted on social media platforms and correctly put blog posts on her website, but teh cannabis dispensary started to thrive, people were coming in by the dozens wanting to recognize more about her business.

Then the cannabis shop owner decided she didn’t need us anymore! She ended up hiring a corporation coach to help her manage the store effectively! As section of corporation coaching they give you a website and handle social media. She ended her contract with us and started with them. I knew it was a mistake. She only lasted a few months with them. The lady ended up begging to take her back. The website was a disaster. It was strenuous to operate and there were broken links. All the SEO strategies to make her website do better on google were moot now. There had been damage to her rankings by using a company that didn’t easily recognize SEO. I have been steadily working out to get her where she was before. It isn’t easy though. I recognize she is getting frustrated that her sales aren’t what they used to be. That is why you need to hire a professional and stick with them. Those guys from before knew nothing about search engine SEO. I almost recognize terrible for this woman.

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