Using a mouth spray with THC to help me speak in public

I can carry the THC mouth spray in my purse and nobody’s the wiser

When I got my work promotion I right away started developing anxiety. I am not a great public speaker and the promotion required me to lead team meetings and speak to patrons. At first I thought I would have to say no to the promotion. Thankfully my state allows for recreational and medical cannabis. I got a medical weed card just to have my back. I then talked to the budtender at the cannabis dispensary for some help. The problem was I didn’t want to smoke a joint or vape oil every time I was going to provide a speech. I didn’t want it to be evident that I was smoking cannabis, and edibles are a little bit better and very diverse. There are gums, mints, candies and chocolates. I didn’t care about the plan that I needed to eat every time I was going to rest up and present though. My cannabis dispensary offers mouth sprays with THC infused in them. It looks care about a normal breath spray and it works care about a charm. Nobody would suspect that I am spraying THC directly into my mouth. A few hits of that hours before a presentation and I am great to go. I relax right away and know at ease. I can carry the THC mouth spray in my purse and nobody’s the wiser. It very has helped calm me down so I don’t sweat or flub my words in a meeting. I am hopeful that someday I won’t require it in order to talk to my peers! For now it is a nice little safety net.


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