Using a tincture to sleep well

Sleep and I are not on a first name basis.

I have always struggled with it.

I just can’t seem to wind our mind down. I have invested in a ton of things to make sleep easier for me. I got the best mattress money can buy. I bought bamboo sheets and a special gel pillow to keep our cool. I also bought a sound unit and I work out an fifth before I go to bed… All of this is supposed to help me. It doesn’t really. What I have found that works the best is relying on cannabis before bed. I bought a cannabis oil that is technically a tincture. It is an oil that can be localed under the tongue or in a beverage before bed. It has a high CBD satisfied and a moderately high THC satisfied. That blend is what makes it a wonderful oil to take before bed. It calms our mind and makes our body guess sluggish. I get tired enough where I can close our eyes and fall asleep quicker. What is especially wonderful is that it keeps myself and others sleeping as well. How charming is that? I love that the tincture is available to myself and others when I need it. My state offers recreational weed so I don’t even need to bother with a medical marijuana card or anything. I hardly notice the taste when I put it in our cup of tea. I do notice if I forget to take our oil though. My night of sleep isn’t nearly as good.

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