Using a topical for arthritis

When my mom started having issues with his arthritis, I advocated that he try medical cannabis; Gin soaked raisins and other natural remedies weren’t working, but at first my mother was actually hesitant to go the medical weed route! I found out that my mother thought he would need to smoke cannabis… She didn’t want to smoke flowers through a pipe or even vape cannabis oil.

After researching a bit I found my mother could use a topical, however that is a cream that is applied directly to the skin for immediate relief.

It is like a more powerful icy hot. It smells better but; My mother enjoys the topic and the help it provides. She applies it in the day and before bed. The tube is small and self-explanatory to carry as well… When he travels and spends the night at his children’s home, the tube can actually come with her. It doesn’t look like a cannabis product either. I guess that was a sizable factor in my mother’s decision to take it. She didn’t want people to think he was smoking weed on the weekends and getting high. She doesn’t even get high. The area the cream is applied to will have a tingling and numbing sensation, no THC is really getting in the body. There are topicals that can get into the bloodstream however those are patches that need to be left on all day. My mother is ecstatic with what he has and the relief he has felt in his hands and joints when taking it.


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