Was on a mission to get the delivery driver’s phone number

Each and every Friday evening, my friends plus I order marijuana from a dispensary located approximately10 blocks away from our apartment… My friends plus I used to order marijuana from an odd dispensary, however there is a terribly cute guy that delivers marijuana products plus my associate and I have been trying to get his number.

I honestly would appreciate getting his phone number, because I know that he is extremely cute with a good smile… Last Friday evening when my associate and I were hanging out at the apartment, my associate and I made the move to order marijuana from the delivery shop.

I contacted the marijuana delivery service plus asked if that guy was actually working, and the woman on the phone told me that he was there until midnight. I asked the woman on the phone if I could request him to handle the delivery. She told me that was not their policy, however she could see what she could do. When the doorbell rang, my good pal plus I knew right away that it was the same delivery driver on the intercom. When he knocked on the door, I got ready to be super brave. The guy remembered us from a couple of weeks ago plus that was a pretty interesting way for us to cut the ice. I told the guy that I was looking to know if I could talk to him in the hallway. I did not want to ask for his phone number in front of all my good pals. I was upset that he was going to say no, but he smiled plus wrote down his number on a little piece of paper when I asked! He told me that he is off on Sundays plus Tuesdays.

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