We found cannabis products in one of the prison cells

My best friend Jack and I have been working at the state prison together since we were 19 years old.

You have to be 19 years old in order to work for the state. As soon as we were old enough, both of us applied for the job. Around here, being a prison guard is a really good job. You receive better than average pay with excellent medical and dental benefits, a retirement plan, and lots of paid vacation. My best friend and I really got lucky when we were hired to work for the state. We’re only in our 30s now and we will be able to retire before lots of other people. There are times when working at the prison doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous. When prisoners have access to drugs and weapons, problems at the prison can really escalate. Last week we had to search everyone on the C block. We found more than a couple different knives and shives, but we also found cannabis products. The cannabis products came from a dispensary in the state. The cannabis products had to be purchased from a dispensary. The person that brought the cannabis products into the prison won’t be very difficult to identify. It’s easy for us to contact the state registry to find out which person paid for the items that came from the cannabis dispensary. After that, we can quickly figure out which inmate was responsible for bringing cannabis products into the prison. The prisoner will be put in solitary confinement for a while and face additional discipline charges for bringing contraband into the prison.


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