We had the best drag night

When I went out to eat last night, I mean it when I say I had no idea that the cafe was hosting a drag show.

  • I only had my debit card on hand to pay for my plate of food, which meant I had no currency to hand to the drag queens when they danced for us.

If it sounds risque at all, it really isn’t. This was about as wholesome a drag show as I’ve ever seen, & I was more than bummed out I couldn’t tip the girls for their work! I did have something else I suddenly thought they might enjoy, however, but during the intermission I went out to my vehicle & quickly rolled up a couple of fat cannabis joints, & then walked around back to the changing area behind the stage. I apologized to the queens for not tipping them, however provided everyone some killer cannabis as a substitute. It came as no surprise to myself and others that all of the queens were eager for a little taste of marijuana. I was just guessing, of course, drag queens seem to be pretty cool people, & every cool person I think smoked marijuana. I hate to make generalizations about people, however when someone is hard-set against cannabis use, I assume that person is upslim & boring to hang out with. The queens & I spent many fun minutes burning through all the cannabis, & then I went back to my seat in time for the other half of the show. It was cool, because they were all super nice to myself in the rest of the show, & I could smell the reek of cannabis on each of them!
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