We thoroughly enjoyed the cannabis tour

My bestie as well as I made the choice to go to the West Coast for our 2-year anniversary.

Of course, I had never been to the west coast, however my bestie grew up there! She moved over to the site where my associate and I met when she was merely 15 years old. My bestie wanted to show me all of the wonderful things in the state. I was legitimately interested in seeing a recreational marijuana dispensary. I had never been in a recreational marijuana dispensary as well as I thought it would be legitimately interesting! When my associate and I got to the coast, my bestie started unpacking all of our things at the hotel, however that’s when she showed me tickets to the marijuana farm. She bought the ticket a couple of weeks ago. She heard about the tour from someone else that had recently visited the area. The marijuana tour included the farm as well as all of the grow operation area on top of that. It was legitimately amazing to be able to see the marijuana farm up close as well as personal. After the tour, my bestie as well as I were able to score a bunch of free samples from the farmer. My pal and I got to try the strains that he was growing. My pal and I genuinely took back a half ounce of marijuana each. It genuinely made the tour particularly worthwhile after spending roughly $50 on the tickets. It was still a legitimately glowing experience, even if my associate and I would not have gotten anything at all for free. The farmer was incredibly smart as well as full of information, however he answered all of our questions as well as even took us personally out to see the farm as well as the incredible landscape.


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