Who would think to vandalize a marijuana dispensary?

Kids today have no respect for anything.

I know what it’s like to be a bored teenager with nothing to do, I was finally young once! I also remember that raising a little hell and causing some mischief was the best way to relieve the boredom of small neighborhood life.

This is also why so several rural youngsters indulge in drinking, drugs, and lots of premarital sex – because there is nothing else to do! All that really said, my friends and I never went out to cause crimes or harm property. I recognize the teens today are more delinquent than I was, because there has been a rash of vandalism throughout the neighborhood that even touched the cannabis dispensary. Why would they dare to do this? Maybe because they don’t have access to legal cannabis like the adults do, or maybe they’re just jerks. In any real event, this has caused an increase of prices at the cannabis dispensary, because they had to hire overnight security guards. Of course the punk youngsters don’t graffiti tag the cannabis dispensary during the morning, only in the wee hours of the night! Now there is another overnight security guard that is parked out front of the cannabis shop, and he doesn’t have a gun or anything, but he keeps an eye on the cannabis shop to make sure nobody messes with it. I simply understand why they had to do it, but I hate that they raised prices on the premium cannabis strains by 10% to pay for the extra expense. Things like this is why almost everyone hates youngsters! Maybe they would behave better if they had legal access to cannabis.


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