Working my way towards university

I am attempting to pay for my university tuition with the money I receive at the cannabis dispensary, and this means I have to labor a lot, almost every day of the week with actually few days off, then i am a delivery driver, and to be even-handed I care about my work.

I get to drive around all day listening to music and chatting with clients, and being a delivery girl is the best way to make money in this business, because of the tips.

The hourly wage is okay, but still pretty close to minimum wage, however as a cannabis delivery driver I often get gratuities from the grateful clients. The store policy is that tips are accepted but not encouraged. If my boss at the cannabis dispensary hears that one of her drivers has been soliciting tips, she will fire them on the spot. I never ask the clients for a tip, but usually they give me one anyway, and cannabis makes people feel generous, and I am in the right place at the right time to reap the benefits of that generosity. The only major hurdle I encounter is when clients want to “tip” me with a nugget of cannabis, and not with money. I cannot pay my tuition, or buy my books with cannabis! In a perfect world I could, but the reality is that money is more expensive to me than marijuana right now. I can’t even sell those cannabis tips for money, because I labor at a cannabis dispensary so nobody needs to buy second-hand weed. I’ll figure something out.


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