Would be great if I could have medical weed for pregnancy symptoms

It is highly proposed to not take medical cannabis products while pregnant.

It is unfortunate since a lot of our pregnancy concerns could be assisted by medical weed.

It isn’t known yet what cannabis could do to the unborn child. The only thing that might be safe is a topical. That is a cream applied to the skin that doesn’t get into the bloodstream. There isn’t any THC in the cream at all, however, there has been no research on topicals and pregnant ladies though. So don’t even try it! I wish I could rely on medical cannabis now that I am pregnant. I have developed a pregnancy GERD. It is just horrible. I always guess nauseous and like I have a lump in our throat. Cannabis has been known to stop that blockage and reduce acid reflux symptoms, then another issue is that I get hot quite a bit, my body temperature is much higher and the blood is flowing quicker in our body. Medical marijuana can help with temperature regulation. Women going through menopause use medical marijuana in order to reduce their hot flashes. Not me though! Muscle soreness is another pregnancy symptom that odors. I have been getting leg cramps, especially at night. Medical weed can reduce inflammation and service those cramps. I could just apply a topical. It is better to be safe than sorry, although I do want to try it so badly. Unfortunately I just need to suffer for 40 weeks and after that I will be allowed medical weed, by after that I honestly won’t need it though.


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