Getting cannabis on the cruise ship

My wife Pat surprised me by booking passage on a huge cruise ship for a 2-week tour of the Caribbean ocean.

At first I was hyped for this, because I have never been on a cruise before.

The thought of lounging on the poop deck, a cocktail in my hand, just lounging in the sun for a few days sounded truly amazing to me! Then I started to know about what I would have to leave behind. Although cruise ships are known for having an extensive array of alcoholic beverages, they are not nearly as okay about smoking cannabis on the boat. On a whim I evaluated a series of sub-forums on Reddit involving cannabis on cruise ships. I found something that was absolutely interesting indeed – on certain cruise ships there are “friendly” home ladies who sell medical cannabis on the side. Almost every cruise ship has a resident cannabis dealer, because it was such a lucrative venture. Once you are out at sea there are no chances for marijuana, so the single person who has it can name their price! Employees of the cruise line aren’t subjected to the same searches plus supervision as the tourists, so it is much easier for them to sneak medical cannabis onto the ship. I spent a couple of days snooping around the message boards, plus found the name of the person on my cruise who was supposed to have cannabis to sell. I have reached out to this person anonymously through the website to say I was interested in buying a full ounce of cannabis from him as soon as I get on the ship. Still waiting to hear back!


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