Happy with local cannabis dispensary

I waited a long time for recreational cannabis to finally be legalized in my state.

I was delighted when a dispensary opened up in my local area.

Anyone who is a United States citizen, over the age of 21 and in possession of a valid government-issued ID is allowed to shop cannabis at a licensed dispensary. There are limits in how much I’m permitted to purchase and cannabis is taxed. I’m OK with the regulations. I like that the cannabis is lab-tested, third-party verified and free from pesticides and contaminants. I know that the products are properly labeled and safe. The first time I visited the dispensary, I was super impressed by the size and modern environment. The relaxed vibe and friendly budtenders immediately set me at ease. I felt comfortable asking questions. Plus, I was able to sign-up for a one-on-one consultation to help determine the ideal strains, potency and consumption method for my personal body chemistry, preferences and goals. The dispensary includes some really wonderful amenities. There is a vape lounge and dab bar where I can rent gear, get knowledgeable assistance and hang out with some really great people. The dispensary has an on-site bakery where they create cannabis-infused edibles and beverages from top quality ingredients. They offer milk, dark and white chocolates, peanut butter cups, cookies, popcorn, mints, cooking oils, butters, colas, mocktails, cannabeers and tons of flavors of gummies. I can also shop concentrates, extracts, flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, cartridges and accessories. They offer the convenience of online ordering and in-store or curbside pickup. I am hopeful that they will be adding delivery service in the near future.



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