He called it a cannabis business consulting company.

My friend was always working scams on people.

Any time he heard of someone making money by doing nothing, he tried to do it.

Last month, he came up with an idea that had me flabbergasted. He had heard about cannabis business consulting and thought he could do the job. At no time did he look to see if it was within his realm of knowledge. He said he had used marijuana for almost ten years, and that gave him the ability to answer questions. I went home that night and looked up what a cannabis business consulting company did, and it was not something my friend could do. He didn’t know the first thing about business startups. He knew nothing about setting up a cannabis dispensary. The only thing he knew about laws pertaining to marijuana was that they were there for him to break and get away with it. I told him that a cannabis business consulting company had nothing to do with the cannabis itself. It had to do with the running of a cannabis dispensary. He had to know all the laws and regulations and constantly keeping aware of even the most minute of changes. He also needs to pass this information along to his clients. He pshaw’d me and walked away, while telling me I knew nothing about business and making easy money. He walked away and said I wasn’t his friend if I didn’t back him. The next time I heard from him was when he wanted me to bail him out of jail. He was arrested for fraud.

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