I got blue dream flower instead

I wanted to order some marijuana products from a local delivery service.

  • I went online to see if the place had anything on sale.

I was hoping to find some cheap concentrates on sale. The dispensary didn’t have anything at all that looked good. I tried another place and then another. The third marijuana dispensary had sales and specials on lots of different products, because it was the weekend. The store offered free delivery services on orders over $100. I purchased a half ounce of marijuana flower as well as a couple of different concentrates. My order was well over $100 when I was finished adding things to the shopping cart. I received a phone call from the person at the dispensary. She told me that they were completely out of super silver haze. Super Silver Haze was the sativa flower that I ordered online. I was pretty bummed out when I found out that it was not available. The budtender informed me that she had blue dream in the same 14 G bag and it was from the same manufacturer. It was going to be the same price as the other one. I didn’t remember seeing the blue dream strain online. I was perfectly fine to swap out the super silver haze for blue dream. Blue dream is a great strain that has good flavor and a great high. It is perfect for the morning time. The mornings are my favorite time to smoke and get high. I absolutely believe it is the best way to start my day.


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