Internet marketing for a cannabis dispensary?

I had been working on a new project for my cannabis dispensary.

I saw where many companies sold their CBD products online, and I wanted to get in on it.

I was sure i knew how to build a web design that would be attractive, and not overstep the boundaries that pertain to my cannabis dispensary and the sale of CBD. I knew almost all the laws written for cannabis and cannabis dispensaries in my state and all of those surrounding us. All I needed to do was finish the website and put it online. I talked to an online marketing company, and they told me I may want to consider internet marketing. I wasn’t sure what internet marketing was, other than possibly advertising my cannabis dispensary on the internet. If I had a website, I had already assumed it would be on the internet and I couldn’t understand why I needed internet marketing. He told me I could get out the news that I was now selling cannabis products online. I argued about using internet marketing, but he asked me to trust him. I patiently waited to see an ad about my cannabis dispensary on Facebook, but it didn’t happen. After a week, I called the marketing company and asked for the man who was taking care of my internet marketing campaign. When he got on the phone, he apologized and said he hadn’t called me yet. He was waiting to see if I had gotten anything from the state, saying it was okay to sell my CBD products online, since I owned a cannabis dispensary. There were a lot of different rules and regulations that had to be met, and he needed to know I had done my paperwork before calling him.

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