The whole parking lot was filled with cars before the accident

The recreational marijuana dispensary was very busy last weekend.

I knew it was going to be busy, because of the sale that we were having on concentrates.

Every single product in the store was going to be at 25% off, including Edibles, concentrate, and pre rolls. There were already a couple of people waiting outside when we got to the store that morning. The parking lot was filled with cars most of the day. People were moving in and out of the building. We ran out of cannabis concentrate around noon, but we were expecting a delivery at any time. People decided they were going to wait in the parking lot. The parking lot for the marijuana dispensary filled up very quickly. Because people were camped out in the parking lot, there was no room for other customers to move freely in and out of the building. I asked the security guard to ask some of the people to come back later that afternoon. There was a lot of confusion and a couple of people were upset that we asked them to leave. The security officer simply explained that it was a fire hazard to have everyone sitting in the parking lot. The security officer suggested they wait in the mall parking lot two blocks down the road. When all of the cars started to leave, there was a very loud noise in the parking lot. We looked outside and saw two trucks in an accident. One truck was trying to enter the parking lot when the other truck was trying to leave, and neither one of the guys felt like they should move out of the way to make room for the other.

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